Tuesday 6th March 2007 - 7pm until 8.30pm

The Cutter project.

The Cutter Project works towards selling Linux based thin client systems to the education market. Education is increasingly faced with the problems and costs associated with the maintenance of fairly large and very complex computing requirements in what can be a very hostile environment.

Thin client is a way of decreasing the TCO on computing within academic (and of course other) workplaces. Cutter mainly deal with Sun, a huge player in the educational market, and offer their thin client devices (Sun Ray) which need no maintenance, draw tiny amounts of power (4W) and have a MTBF of some 22 years and can be useed as replacement desktop machines, serving whatever backend systems are in place. (Windows Terminal Services, Solaris, Linux, Unix, etc).

Apart from the desktop model, many schools struggle to allow access to their systems for staff and students 24/7 - once the back end is in place, it can be used in conjunction with the Sun Global Desktop to allow connectivity to the organisation's network from external PCs as a cost effective alternative to systems such as Citrix.

The Project also sell on ready made network monitoring appliances based on Cacti & Nagios and the extremely popular Moodle virtual learning environment (as used by the OU and several LEAs).

Whilst they primarily aim at the education market - the cheap deployment and remote access would appeal to many businesses.

The event will be held at a new location for us:

Room M8
Maidwell Building
University of Northampton
Avenue Campus
St George's Avenue


Please park in the University car park which is down the slope to the left of the University buildings in St Georges Avenue (as you stand and look at it from the Racecourse) and there is an entrance marked "Maidwell Building" just by the car park - enter there and turn right to see the room on the right.

To find Avenue Campus: www.northampton.ac.uk/about/findus/avenue

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