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20th November 2018 - Digital Aviation – e-enabled Aircraft and Implications

Presented By: Dr Fan, Ip-Shing

The latest generation of aircraft integrates new Internet of Things(IoT) devices and enhanced information capability which can provide information at great speed and volume. Some of the information is already part of the flight data being generated and captured for flight operations. Some data relates to the health of the aircraft, systems and sub-systems that traditionally is for reliability engineering; and of great interest to fleet engineering and MROs. The massive e-enablement of aircraft subsystems heralds the age of Digital Aviation. Issues could be reported in real-time to airline operations and MRO stations to plan solutions and solve issues as soon as the aircraft lands. Effective exploitation of this information requires the necessary information communication and processing equipment, as well as the human skills to take advantage of the information. This presentation explains the implications of the Connected Aircraft to the airlines, airports, MRO and the aviation stakeholders.

Dr Ip-Shing Fan leads the research of information exploitation in the Cranfield IVHM Centre, part of the Cranfield Digital Aviation team. The Cranfield approach balances the viewpoints of the OEM, asset operators and maintenance providers. Fan focuses on creating business value from the information generated by e-enabled aircraft for the purpose of through life optimisation of asset operations, maintenance and spares logistics. The Cranfield toolset has been developed and tested with use cases from aerospace, maritime, vehicles, as well as land based engineering assets

Creative Hub Room: Town Hall (Ground Floor Space – the Southernmost end of the building) The University of Northampton, University Drive, Northampton, NN1 5PH.

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